Helloย there! Welcome to my little nook on the web. This is a space for me to compose blog posts since I love to express my thoughts through pictures and writing.

As many people do, I love exploration. My favorite adventures are those that involve food & culture (with my favorite human/s) so come embark on this journey with me!

Currently (04/2018) I am a few weeks away from wrapping up the last semester ever as an undergrad. I’ve been immersed in living my life to the fullest and have been severely occupied with school work. Blogging, as I’ve foretold, not only became sparse but completely halted (aside from this update ofc)! An apprise on the job/ internship forage is that I’ve landed myself on a staffing agency’s doorsteps (literally) so I have yet to see where that may lead. On another note, I finally decided to narrow my expertise in Graphic Design | Illustrator | Typographer by that alphabetical order. I’m also harnessing creative minds to collaborate with and it may just be the direction I need.

Hopefully the weather changes to sunny days ahead so this imaginative mind of mine can keep on swimming.

‘Til I graduateโ€” /หŒรคstษ™ หŒlรค หˆvฤ“stษ™ /


General Enquiries:ย geri@mangoeloco.com