Hello there! Welcome to my little nook on the web. This is a space for me to compose blog posts since I love to express my thoughts through pictures and writing.

As many people do, I love exploration. My favorite adventures are those that involve food & culture (with my favorite human/s) so come embark on this journey with me!

Currently (05/2017) I just finished my last days of classes for the Spring semester and have exactly one more year until graduation! I will be taking one Masters class in the Fall and two Masters classes in the Spring. As of late, things have gone a bit more hectic than normal since I became the O∆K President and the FOC Student-at-Large for AY 2017-2018 at UB. I’ve also been offered positions at my college and I’m currently deciding which ones to take so I can spruce up my resume over the Summer. Albeit the new offers, I still want to apply for internships in the DC area before I graduate with my degree. With all that in mind, blogging may become sparse but I am not giving up on my brainchild!

On another note, Good Behavior Season 2 is currently on the works (excitement all around)!


Until then, be on your good behavior 😉


General Enquiries: geri@mangoeloco.com