Scents & Smells

Here was my 2016 Christmas gift dilemma:ย Gucci Cardholder vs. Byredo Eau de Parfum

We all know which one won my heart so here’s my scent story…

I’ve never really been a fragrance kind of girl. I was one of those girls who use their mum’s Clinique Happy bottles on special occasions. As for everyday scents, I felt content with Victoria’s Secret Body Mists like Vanilla Lace and Pure Seduction. It wasn’t until my mind became exposed to social media that I began my exploration on scents and smells.

Granted, I was lured by aesthetically pleasing product placements and the brand’s mysterious aura. Byredo first caught my eye because of their unique bottles and elegant packaging. Then more and more bloggers seem to have one of their scents, swearing by every one of themโ€“ I had to smell them for myself!

It took me months of flirting with the product and multiple samples before giving myself the green light. After all, Byredo is a luxury brand and that is no simple impulse buyโ€“ at least, not for my conscientious mind.


Rose of No Man’s Land was one of the first 4 (… Gypsy Water, Rose Noir, and Black Saffron) samples I ordered. I chose this due to its delicate floral scent and, of course, by name because I am partial to anything with Roses. Its name also sounds like me: a walking contradiction.

I tried all 4 of them in two weeks:

  1. Gypsy Water smelled fresh but it wasn’t IT for me despite explosive reviews.
  2. Rose Noir was too rich, too mature for my taste.
  3. Black Saffron was extremely spicy as though I’ve accidentally poured a mix of herbs and spices all over my body (my mum loved it though).

For me, fragrances are personal like signatures and I knew scents differ for every person. I think of colognes and perfumes as reagents in chemical reactions with the skin. And so when I happen to hug my co-worker and she told me she loved the smell, I knew Rose of No Man’s Land was the one for me. She described it as delicate and sweetโ€“ exactly the descriptions I wanted to hear.ย However, what truly sealed the deal is the story behind it:


Rose of No Man’s Land is a uniquely beautiful and soothing rose scent presented for an especially worthy cause. Developed in collaboration with supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen, Rose of No Man’s Land is dedicated to the praiseworthy work of Mรฉdecins Sans Frontiรจres (Doctors Without Borders), an independent medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare.

Rose of No Man’s Land is centered around the delicate petals of a Turkish rose, both strikingly lush and softly sweet. A radiant chord of raspberry gives the heart notes fruit-laden depth, while a papyrus wood base and white amber chord add an eternal and sophisticated aura, delivering, in total, a rosebud of immense purity.

For each bottle of Rose of No Man’s Land sold, Byredo pledges to contribute a portion of the sale to Doctors Without Borders.



Since this is my first ever Byredo product and my first ever perfume, I just have to include a little insider on its authenticity.

The box should be sealed tight with plastic. It should have the above markings stamped on the bottom of the box, complete with the barcode.


On either side, the box should also be sealed with the perforated Byredo stickers as shown above.


And it should include a small enveloped letter from Ben Gorham inside the box.



Now, you must be wondering where I got my samples in the first place. So allow me toย let you in on my not so secret place on the Internet …


Luckyscent is by far the best place for samples and full bottles. Know why? Because not only do they let you sample any scent for $4 each, they also give you a $20 off promo code when you purchase the full size and free 4 samples of your own choosing! What more could a scent enthusiast ask for?

The samples come in small vialsโ€“ really tiny vials. But half a vial should do for one day. And really, it’s best to apply perfumes behind your ears for a subtle smell so there is no dire need for any more than a tiny vial when you’re sampling.

Now, enough about my scent explorationsโ€“ I’d like to know about YOUR favorite colognes and/ or perfumes so don’t be shy to share below!


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