Sailor Chic in 5 Minutes

Shower done? Make-up done? Hair not cooperating? Waste no time! It’s Summertime and hatsโ€“ you can get away with, without calling attention to your dysfunctional hairdo.

Ah the July heat. Summer always calls for crispy whites and wide-brimmed hats out of closet doorsย and I am no exception. So yes, check and check on my list. But a tad boring isn’t it? As an artist, color is a must so I decided to throw in a pop of color and what came to attention? My LOFT sailor trousers. Loved the freshness but still no full satisfaction. I had to have something else in the mixโ€“ animal prints.

imageSlipped on my Clarks loafers with Cheetah prints on them and I’m almost out the door. Last minute accessorizing with the only gold charm bracelet in my possession, a gift from my lola (Filipino for grandma), and my go-to Givenchy clutch to keep a few essentials. Alas! The Sailor Chicโ€“ all in just about 5 minutes until I had to catch my morning commute. EZPZ.




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