iBalance: Florals + Lace

Though Spring has sprung and gone, the floral blooms continue…


Sometimes, trying to achieve the feminine look is (oddly enough) quite a challenge for me. My mind works on the extremes so finding that balance can either be totally fun or extremely excruciatingโ€“ see the theme here?

For example today: finding florals + lace in my wardrobe, just awaiting to be put together, was so much fun! I have two of Chelsea Eve‘s fully adjustable lace crop tops so I had to choose between Wine or Violet to match with my skirt. Obviously, the violet was the best choice and that is because of the bright violet flowers on my American Apparelย printed demi wrap skirt. The two visual scales are well-balanced now that my bright violet top is bringing out the violets on my skirt (if you see where I’m going here).


Florals and lace are like bread and butter; they simply go well together! However, one shouldn’t arbitrarily throw on just about anything with florals and lace then call it a day. One must think of how your color palette makes sense (not to mention, texture too).


So to finish the ensemble, I just slipped into my black slingbacks and grabbed my black wallet. For this kind of look, simple accessories are best. I want onlookers to focus on my top and skirt.

Oh what a fun morning!

What about you, how do you do florals + lace? Comment below!


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